Do you know Emotional Capital is expendable? Yes! It could get exhausted. It is so funny how a healthy and enviable relationship can go down the drain in a milli-second, thanks to lack of emotional intelligence. It cannot be overemphasized that EQ is very sacrosanct in all endeavours of life. It is the tactful way you approach stress and other unfavourable social situations. Intelligent Quotient (IQ) will take you to higher places but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will keep you there. Let’s delve into developing EQ. EQ is developed and applied through intentionality, empathy, tactfulness, and dismissiveness. Intentionality is the will of not allowing yourself to be controlled by the torrents of any circumstances, but to purposefully manipulate the torrents to your advantage. You put yourself under anger watch. Then, empathy is when you try to rationalise why the person did what was done, and how they actually feel. Of course, you are hurt, so at this next stage you tactfully address the situation constructively. You don’t want to hurt them back, and you are being civil. When you had gone through these stages (intentionality is more imperative), more often than not, you suddenly realised that most escalated offenses were not as grievous as they seem, but how they were handled. It is needful to mention that gestures like these may not be requited by the other party, this is where dismissiveness comes to the fore. It’s not all social relationships that work. But hey! Remember sworn enemies can turn best friends.

In conclusion, one could agree that these intricate tripartite elements discussed are like forex trading. Forex is a foreign exchange market where you buy and sell two different currencies simultaneously, and you need a big capital to thrive well. The size of your capital determines how long you will stay in the business for. Now, bearish, bullish and stop loss are some trading terms we will utilize here. When the price in the forex market goes up, it’s bullish, but when it comes down, it’s bearish. So, when you place a trade, you set a stop loss (a set of numbers). Why do you

have to set a stop loss? It’s because the market is a very sensitive and erratic one, sometimes when you expect the prices to go up, they may decide to come down, and vice versa, due to some macroeconomic statistics. Therefore, once you place a trade with the capital in your forex account, you immediately set a stop loss so that if the market doesn’t go the direction you want(that means you are running at loss) and you are not available to close the trade, once it gets to the SL, the trade will close automatically. Although you have made some losses, it wouldn’t be as worse as when you didn’t set a SL. Contextualizing forex with social relationships, the market represents the society, the currency pairs you trade with symbolize the different relationships you involve in, the forex capital represents the EC you invest in your relationships, and lastly, knowing what currency to trade with, when to trade them and understanding how to set your SL symbolize your emotional intelligence you apply in every social relationships; whether to start a relationship, keep a relationship or end a relationship. As a leader, colleague, classmate, neighbour, friend and more, always remember this quote by Daniel Goleman- ‘’what really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements are a definite set of emotional skills -your EQ-not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ.’’


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